Legal Notice



FoOPGP is not yet incorporated. It is planned but the initiators of this group prefer to wait until there are enough members so that this association is created collectively, with the members present. The idea is that the statutes correspond exactly to the needs of the members involved at the time of creation.

In the meantime FoOPGP is provisionally carried by the Connex association.

Connex is an association that defends free software and whose statutes provide for bringing together and supporting different communities around the free software they use.

Connex’s statutes state that its purpose is to promote

  • the management of communities around software promoting the existence and management of these communities.
  • Bringing together people with common objectives in order to produce or improve IT adapted to their needs.
  • The production of IT tools promoting network activities such as the collaborative economy.

The accounts of each community are separated from the other communities.

CONNEX Association Chez M Philippe LE DUIGOU - 3, av de Romans 26000 Valence

RNA: W263007083 prefecture of Drôme.

The 2021 president is Mr. Philippe LE DUIGOU


The website does not use any cookie or database.

You can check and even host this website yourself: all the code and its content is open and accessible on a git repository .

In order to adapt the site to the demands of our visitors, however, we analyze the traffic with GoAccess . The data collected (IP address, User-Agent…) are accessible to all . If so much transparency bothers you, we advise you to use TOR or to modify your User-Agent .

Intellectual property

Combining these two terms is nonsense . That said, unless otherwise stated, all content is under the CC BY SA 4.0 License .